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The garden of eatin'.

hey girl, you are beautiful!
Female, mid-twenties, works in accounting and lives in a busy Pennsylvania town but dreams of a tiny house in the forest in Appalachia with only animals, books, and music as company.

Most definitely believes in:

* cultivating quiet
* restoring reading to its former popularity
* being good to one another without exception
* female empowerment

Obsessed with all things German, reading, BBC miniseries, and my two cats.

Walter: Maude, I don't want Carol to get married again either, but I've got a pretty good feeling you're beginning to lead her life again.

Maude: Will you do me a favor with your feelings, Walter? Save them. And then some day give them all to me together in a lump. In my old age, maybe I'll browse through them and find out who you were.

-- Maude, Season 1 --

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